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 Our team of independent occupational consultants only specialize in Asbestos. That makes us the household name you can trust when you require safety and experience as your first priority. We have a flawless track record, for a reason.

Clearance Inspection Certificates are required by the Adelaide Asbestos Clearance Regulation for asbestos removed by a licensed contractor. A Clearance Certificate must be issued after the asbestos removal work has been safely completed. Below are our types of Clearances.

The Work Health and Safety Regulations require an asbestos clearance inspection for all licensed asbestos removal works. So, before resuming work on site, call an Air safe expert to carry out visual inspections of all asbestos work areas.

As the last step in the Asbestos Handling South Australia removal process, our clearance inspections confirm asbestos maintenance or removal works have been completed successfully and that no visual evidence of dust and debris remains.

We often hear stories of Adelaide councils rejecting clearance reports from less experienced asbestos consultants, who have tried to cut corners or save money by not sending sufficient samples for testing. You might think you'll save money by getting a cheap asbestos inspection, but in the long run it can cost you more, and delay construction further. It's much better to get it right the first time by talking to Air safe.

After any asbestos removal work in Adelaide, you must have an asbestos clearance report issued. If you're planning renovations, your council will probably require this report before issuing a construction certificate. 

We also do service for Asbestos Testing South Australia.

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